Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chrome Extension - Translator - Version 1.1.x

Two weeks ago I published my first extension for chrome called Translator, which I was created just for fun. But the increasing number of users encouraged me to improve the functionality and create a new version 1.1.x(well, as of now just a subversion) in such a short time.

If you are already using the extension, the chrome will take care of the update; otherwise you can install or add it to your browser from here.

This sub version contains a feature called In-line Translation. 

If you checked the check-box In-line Translation on the popup, a bar will be appeared on the top of your page. This enables you to translate the texts as you select it on the page. 

Isn't it crazy?.......yes of-course; most of us have the habit of selecting the text while reading something on the web, which causes the extension to translate them. Hence I didn't provided the option to enable this feature permanently. Also, I request you to use this feature only, if absolutely necessary as it increases the load on Google's Translation server.

Again, if you like it - Use, Rate and Share.

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